Our Corporate Training and Development Program will manage corporate wide learning initiatives & develop skills. They will also manage and lead the design, delivery and assessment of Training and Development programs across the organization. Our trainers are well experienced and will be responsible for accompany and cross companies training with new Hire orientations. They provide continuous improvement of learning and development opportunities across the organization and make sure the maximum effectiveness of the efforts of the organization. We acknowledge the fact that this role is critical to your organization as it promotes the corporate development which is a most important asset i.e., the talent of your organization.


Our Corporate Trainers manage the delivery, design and continuous improvement of the New Hire Training's as well as ongoing learning opportunities across the firm, in support of the firm’s need facilitating learning related to the required technology and total suite of information and product offerings for your clients and the industry. They also Contact and schedule internal or external lecturers accordingly and also vendors for specialized training utilizing a variety of the training methods, methodologies, learning and development tools, concepts, techniques, and practices to ensure maximum efficiency of the Training and Development Program. Conducting specific assessments required in training to support the development, design and delivery of improvement of the corporate training programs. They can also work with key Executives (HR if applicable) in suggesting and analyzing the performance of the workforce so that additional training and development if needed, can be developed and prescribed and at the same time managing training budget effectively.

SMEs and Domain expert with great amount of industry experience and have many times demonstrated ability to successfully deliver and develop training programs utilizing skills in instructional , program design, design, training and development technologies with planning, project management, presentation, Strong organizational, facilitation, problem resolution, communication, and influencing skills.

Advantage you will get?

Continue hiring of our Corporate Trainers will fetch the firm loyalty points which will lead to amazing discounts, and our Training and Development Program would be helping in giving back society the only worth treasure which is knowledge. We are sure, it would be a great experience to work together and make your firm have the edge over others. The employees of your company can also get access to all the course material available with well-planned tutorials, assessments, selective questions on which they need to put more focus into and much more. Our comprehensively designed Training and Development program will make sure that the individual stays motivated and not a single resource of the firm goes waste. We value Time, Efficiency, Cost and Efforts. And so, we also organize many doubt sessions at the end of training and development program, no matter what the doubt is, our trainers will solve it and make sure to satisfy the participant with a relevant logical answer. We make sure that you only get fruits out of every seed you sow, We Believe in Quality Education and that’s what we promise to give to the society.

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