Statistics and charts are staples in the information examination field. Numerous arrangements today are gotten by watching designs and relationship in mass volumes of real time data. With developing volumes and complexity, one should have the capacity to automatically break down the factual data. Data Analytics with R is one that comes as the amazing and effective solution. Best online course to learn Data Science in R from Scratch In Delhi

What precisely is R?

R is a programming dialect that helps computing using different graphs and using techniques of stats. It is a GNU venture that has been principally composed in C and FORTRAN. It is prevalently a command line interface based dialect.

What is this course all about?

This course is intended for experts who seek to learn "R" language to use it for Analytics. The course begins from the very nuts and bolts like:
  • Introduction to R programming,
  • How to import different organizations of Data,
  • Control it, and so on to different cutting edge themes like:
    • Data Mining Technique,
    • Performing Predictive Analysis to discover ideal results in view of past information,
    • Data Visualization utilizing R Commander, Deducer, and so forth.

What this course will give you?

This course is done by many and it is in great demand. The main objective of this course will be to teach you below things by the time you complete it:
  • To know the basics and to cover important topics of 'R' programming
  • Learn data manipulation using different functions
  • How to use data importing techniques in the language ‘R’
  • Do exploratory Data Analysis
  • Use Data Visualization to form fancy plots
  • cor(), list(), hclust(), lm(), glm(), etc will be easier for to use
  • Learn how to apply Machine Learning (ML) Techniques
  • Using Data Mining techniques
  • Learn Decision Trees and Random Forests
  • Learn to work on real life projects
  • Using Linear Regression
  • Using Logistic
  • Leaning and understanding ANOVA
  • Predict outcomes using Predictive Analytics
  • To explore Regression
  • Learn Sentiment Analysis
  • Applying k-means clustering algorithm to do Text Analysis
  • Study the importance Association Rule Mining to forecast next purchase of different buyers

Pre-requisites of this course

With regards to taking in the programming dialect, there are a few requirements that should be fulfilled. Although if you don’t know any, our instructors will help you get an insight of them but having knowledge of them will be quite beneficial. One ought to have fundamental information of Statistics on points such as t-test, regression and chi-square test.

Why one needs to learn and go for this course?

There are many reasons because of which you need to learn Data Analytics with R:
  • You will be able to create solution for real world data science problem by learning to build different models and by performing analytics.
  • If you want to expertise in Data Science field. This is the most powerful and used programming language for various statistical computing and graphics making.
  • It is a knowledge that an expert in Data Science should have.
  • It will provide you amazing package.
  • ‘R’ will give you many things like good Statistical and Graphical capability

Module 1: History and Overview of R

  • What is R?
  • What is S?
  • The S Philosophy
  • Back to R
  • Basic Features of R
  • Free Software
  • Design of the R System
  • Limitations of R
  • R Resources

Module 2: Getting Started with R

  • Installation
  • Getting started with the R interface
  • R Nuts and Bolts
  • Entering Input & Evaluation
  • R Objects, Numbers & Attributes
  • Creating Vectors & Mixing Objects
  • Explicit Coercion
  • Matrices, Lists & Factors
  • Missing Values & Data Frames
  • Names & Summary

Module 3: Getting Data In and Out of R

  • Reading and Writing Data
  • Reading Data Files with read
  • Reading in Larger Data sets with read
  • Calculating Memory Requirements for R Objects
  • Using the readr Package
  • Using Textual and Binary Formats for Storing Data
  • Using dput() and dump()
  • Binary Formats

Module 4: Interfaces to the Outside World

  • File Connections
  • Reading Lines of a Text File
  • Reading From a URL Connection
  • Subsetting R Objects, Vector, Matrix & Lists
  • Subsetting Nested Elements of a List
  • Extracting Multiple Elements of a List
  • Partial Matching
  • Removing NA Values
  • Vectorized Operations & Matrix Operations
  • Dates and Times in R
  • Operations on Dates and Times

Module 5: Managing Data Frames with the dplyr package

  • Data Frames
  • The dplyr Package
  • dplyr Grammar
  • Installing the dplyr package
  • Functions like select(), Filter(), arrange(), Rename(), Mutate() & Group_by()
  • Summary

Module 6: "R" Control Structures

  • if-else
  • for Loops
  • Nested for loops
  • while Loops
  • repeat Loops
  • next, break
  • Summary

Module 7: Playing with "R" Functions

  • Functions in R
  • Argument Matching & Lazy Evaluation
  • Arguments Coming After the
  • Scoping Rules of R
  • A Diversion on Binding Values to Symbol
  • Scoping Rules
  • Lexical Scoping: Why Does It Matter?
  • Application: Optimization
  • Plotting the Likelihood
  • Summary

Module 8: Various "R" Loop Functions

  • Looping on the Command Line
  • lapply() & sapply()
  • split() & Splitting a Data Frame
  • tapply & apply()
  • Col/Row Sums and Means
  • Other Ways to Apply
  • mapply()
  • Vectorizing a Function

Module 9: Debugging in "R"

  • Something’s Wrong!
  • Figuring Out What’s Wrong
  • Debugging Tools in R
  • Using traceback(), debug() and recover()
  • Summary
  • Profiling R Code
  • Using system
  • Timing Longer Expressions
  • The R Profiler
  • Using summaryRprof()

Module 10: Simulation in "R"

  • Generating Random Numbers
  • Setting the random number seed
  • Simulating a Linear Model
  • Random Sampling
  • Data Analysis Case Study: Changes in Fine Particle Air Pollution in the U
  • Synopsis
  • Loading and Processing the Raw Data
  • Coding Standards for R

What is Machine learning & R?

R is modern time technique to learn machine learning and data analytics with R. With its wide concept you will be able to learning statistical method of programming surroundings and broad programming language concept to execute in a high level statistical analysis. In this course you will learn the forecasting with time series data, disintegration analysis, computing & advanced predictive modeling in R. You will be able to install the necessary software for predictive modelling

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

You need to have basis statistic knowledge to learn the technology

Who can go for this course?

People who want to learn the concept of R Language and its machine learning techniques. Professionals like Business Analysts, SAS & SSAS, R Professionals, Database developers & Hadoop developers and administrators.

What is live Webinar Classes?

Live webinar class are live virtual class led by expert of particular domain. It is just like class room training. You will be connected through virtual classroom and can clear all your doubts with our Instructor. You can communicate the instructor by using Audio, Video and Chat options.

In case of my absence how can I manage my class?

So you don’t need to worry if you miss your classes. You are responsibility of TechandMate to educate you on the technology you have enrolled. We will generate your learning account (LMS- Learning Management System). In case of missing the class, you will get all the recordings, presentation in your LMS and you can access the same in your leisure time.

Can I access my course module prior to join the class?

No you cannot access course module before enrolment.

Can I access my course module prior to join the class?

No you cannot access course module before enrolment.

Who are the Instructors / Experts / SME?

All our Instructors are experienced and working professional from IT Industry. They have rich experience on the technologies they are leading. Instructors are specially trained by our Learning & Development department to educate and become frontrunner for Live Virtual classes.

Can I see demo or sample class before registering the course?

Yes you can view the demo of class of your course. You can evaluate the teaching style of our SMEs and can further enroll for the course.

Will I get the Software?

Yes we will help you to install the software. We will provide you the link & necessary documents to download the same if it is an open source or demo version available.

Difference between Self Driven and Expert Driven learning?

Our course and training progression is vastly interactive. In self-driven learning you will get the access of your LMS with all the modules and learning material available including recording of classes so that you can access it in your leisure time to learn. Expert driven learning would be live streaming webinar and our expert will clear all your doubts instantly. Self-Driven learning is almost 50% cheaper than Expert driven program. You can switch from SDL to EDL any time by paying the difference amount.

How can I access my learning tools?

Once you will enroll yourself for the course training, we will generate a LMS (Learning Management System) for you. All the course modules, learning tools will be available there.

How long I can access my learning tools?

Once you will enroll for the course you can access your learning tools for life time.

Tell me about my payment options?

You can choose any payment option as per your convenience like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking. For USD payment, it will be made by PayPal.

Can I convert my amount into EMI’s?

Yes you can convert your amount into EMIs.

What is the process to get the Certification of the course?

After accomplishment of all the modules, you will undergo a Project assessment. After successful submission, our official will review the same & you will be awarded with TechandMate verified Certification for the course.

Will I be working on Project?

Yes you will be working on live project.

What if I have more queries or concerns?

Our technical & Support team is always for your help and available 24x7 for you.

TechandMate certification process

At the end of your course, you will work on a real time Project. You will receive a Problem Statement along with a dataset to work.

Once you are successfully through with the project (reviewed by an expert), you will be awarded a certificate with a performance based grading.

If your project is not approved in 1st attempt, you can take additional assistance to understand the concepts better and reattempt the Project free of cost.

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Shubham Bardhan

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