TechandMate gives you the opportunity to teach, hold classes, guide students from home. We give you the platform to Conduct classes online and make sure you get good pay for your hard work. All you need to do is conduct classes and leave the bills, payments and financial procedure to us. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself registered today! And pursue your Teaching passion from today on!

What we expect from you?

Career as an Instructor, we expect you to have appropriate educational qualification in the area of domain you wish to teach.

Other than education requirements, you should be able to respond to students in a culturally competent way and clear their doubts. In addition, you should be able to motivate students and give them crystal clear idea of concepts and also able to clear their doubts. Additional requirements for you may include being organized, dependable, patient, professional and creative.

Who can apply for teaching?

Any individual who has an in depth working and practical knowledge of a particular domain and is quite passionate about teaching and can share his/her expert knowledge with students and professionals. Good oral and comprehensive communication skills are a must.


You would be working with a very young, proactive and a talented team, you would also get the revenue sharing opportunity at our fastest growing online training Firm in India! You will also be provided with a wonderful platform where you can showcase your practical knowledge and skills that you have learned, acquired and developed over a period of time. What more? you can also conduct training of your own and hold classes from any part of the world! Once you’re a part of our team, you get access to all the training content and even you can boost up your skills either free or at a minimal cost, depending upon the type of domain or course you choosecourse you choose to get expertise on. You also get advantage with coupon codes, discounts and much more.

What's the Process?

So, First of All! You would need to fill a form. And, if you are shortlisted and finally selected, you would undergo a training based on TechandMate Learning Approaches. You would also get an opportunity to create, co-create and recreate the content with us to make an experience called ‘learning’ a very rich and fruitful experience for the participants and learners out there.

Why become TechandMate Instructor?

  • You get to become the part of a young dynamic community with a goal which is to give back knowledge
  • Financial Compensation Supplement to your current income
  • You get to be a part of an international organization that can make a difference
  • Revenue sharing model opportunities